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A new phenominon has recently overtaken the teen chat and phone dating industry. What was once something you had to pay for, being able to talk and mingle with other teens, is now something you can do absolutely free. At first when I tried this kind of teen chat service I thought it was going to be a hoax or some kind of trial promo that wouldn't let me do much. But I found out to my pleasant suprise that this teen chat is actually free and fully featured. I met a couple of girls on my first try, one of which I will actually be meeting next week. She sounded great on the phone, so this teen chat stuff so far works brilliantly. There were hundreds of teens on there waiting to chat, I just simply picked the first few that I heard the greetings for and I already had a winner. I can hardly wait for next week when I have my date, I am confident! The teen chat method of meeting other teens really is recommended, so try it today. Call that number at the top of this article and you can try it for yourself. I think the only thing you need to pay for is if the number is long distance from your area. If you're local to that number.

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Dan Wilson writes for a variety of online dating and relationship sites dealing specifically with teen dating and teen chat topics. He has several years experience dealing with a vareity of teen relationship issues and dating pitfalls.

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